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 Please note:  We have lowered our prices even more to beat ANY competition out there!  If you see it for less, let us know and we will do our best to BEAT it!  Remember:  Many of our prices INCLUDE shipping so keep that in mind when comparing us to the "competition."  Also, many of our metals are not even listed so please don't hesitate to ask for something that you don't see on our website.  We are with you 100% at GalliumSource, LLC!

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Buy Gallium metal, Sodium metal, Potassium metal, Calcium metal, Strontium metal, Cesium metal, Lithium metal, Calcium metal, Rubidium metal, Indium metal, Rhodium metal, liquid Mercury metal, Beryllium metal, Magnesium metal, Barium metal, Selenium metal, Cerium metal, Zirconium metal, Thallium metal, Arsenic Metal, Tungsten Metal, Boron, and many other metals at wholesale prices. Many of our metals are not listed so let us know what you need and we might have it in stock.  Available now is Aluminum Gallium alloy and Gallium Indium Tin eutectic.  We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service in offering these and other elements and alloys commonly used for experimentation and research.  We cater to individuals seeking small quantities as well as those seeking larger quantities like schools, technology research departments, chemistry labs, engineering firms, foundries, and manufacturers.  You can purchase bulk metals in ingot form, kilos, or grams.  Metric tons of metals are available upon request.  We strive to be available to answer your questions about these rare earth elements and customize your orders to accommodate special needs and situations.  Scroll down to read about our element metal products, check availability, and get the current prices.  We encourage you to visit the site often to see what's coming up.  

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A few examples. ... . ..


Product Name

“The Competition”


Sodium Metal

Very difficult to obtain anywhere else.  Our competition has closed down.

1 pound/$159+ $0 (shipping) = $159

3 pounds/$269+ $0 (shipping) = $269

Potassium Metal


5 grams/$47 + $42.41 (shipping) = $89.41

50-60 grams/$590 + $50 (shipping) = $640

10-12 grams $75 + $8.95 (shipping) = $83.95

50-55 gram $154 + $0 (shipping) = $154.00

Strontium Metal

50 grams/$54.95 + $0 (shipping) = $54.95

5.5 pounds/$85+ $0 (shipping) = $85

Magnesium Turnings

1 pound/$30 + $6.95 (shipping) = $36.95

1 pound/$28 + $6.90 (shipping) = $34.90

Gallium Metal

10 grams/$24.00 + $36.00 (shipping) = $60.00

15g/$24 + $8.95 (shipping) = $32.95

40g/$37 + $8.95 (shipping) = $45.95

1kg/$579+ 0 (shipping) = $579

Important Points

Many companies require that you set up an account and some only sell to schools and labs.  Our research has shown that most companies are NOT in compliance with HAZMAT rules.  This puts shipping companies and the general public at risk.  

At GalliumSource, we are in full compliance with all laws and restrictions.  We pay the HAZMAT fee of $25.00 where applicable.  We WILL NOT put our shippers and clients at risk just to make more money! Even with our compliance policy OUR PRICES ARE LOWER!  We encourage you not to purchase from people who are breaking the law!  Go to our online store to see more products, quantities, and prices. 


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